How Young Is Too Young For Makeup?

Oh the fights, the tears, the whining, the pleading. “But mom, everyone wears makeup at school!” used to be heard at homes of high school aged girls, but the trend is that girls are wearing makeup younger and younger. Parents may set up an age limit, like no makeup until you are 16, but they might end up with a 16 year old who piles on the makeup. Or worse, wears puts on makeup at school and removes it before coming home.

Moms should educate their daughters about makeup, how to apply it subtly and how to properly remove it at night. If mom is not a makeup person, then ask a friend, or visit a makeup counter or store. Girls should be taught that makeup can subtly enhance their look, it’s not meant to change your look completely. Slowly loosen the reigns over the years, educating her along the way. Start with lip gloss at an early age like 12 and add products as she matures.

Lip gloss is very popular these days and this is a great starter product. It adds some shimmer or glossiness to the lips without adding a lot of color. It also comes in great flavors and some even have SPF. Lip gloss can make a girl feel more grown up, and trust me, she will be putting it on 24/7.

All girls want to wear eyeliner, and man do I want to take a wet wipe to some of the 13 year olds I see walking around my mall with 5 layers of black eyeliner on. They think it makes them look grown up, when in reality they look like a 13 year old with too much eyeliner! Mascara should be introduced before eyeliner. A brown mascara can be very subtle but still bring attention to your daughter’s eyes. Choose a lengthening formula as opposed to a thickening one, lengthening will be more subtle. Teach her not to share her mascara with anyone and that it is only good for 3 months after opening it. Mascara is also a great way to learn how to remove your makeup at night. Some oil-free eye makeup remover on a cotton pad will take it right off, followed by her regular cleansing routine.

A soft shimmery eyeshadow is a great look on teenagers and will make her eyes “pop”. The shimmer will draw attention to her eyes and make them look bigger. Shimmery sands, taupes and browns are perfect starter colors. Let her branch out from there to more pastels. She can start by just applying to her lid, and then eventually learn to blend out into the crease. This is still a very natural, youthful look – but don’t tell her that!

Foundation is a hard one because a lot of girls wear the wrong shade, so they look like they have makeup caked on. Take your daughter to a counter, or at the drugstore choose a brand that breaks it down by undertones like L’Oreal True Match to get the proper color. Powder foundations are popular, especially mineral powder foundations and these are great products for teenage skin. They also look very natural. If she is suffering from breakouts, try a concealer with salicylic acid to heal and cover the pimples.

A blush or bronzer should be applied sparingly. I often see girls with bronzer all over their face and they look like pumpkins. Bronzer should only be applied where the sun hits her, her cheekbones, temples, nose and chin. It should be blended out very well so it looks natural. The color should only be 1 – 2 shades darker then her skin tone and with minimal shimmer. Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks and provide a natural looking flush.

If she has been mastering the shadow well, eyeliner is the next logical step. Black eyeliner should only be used on dark skin tones, brown will work for most others. Teach her to use a sharp pencil and to line very close to her lash line and to smudge for a more subtle look. First start with the top lash line, and once she has that down pat, she can try the bottom.

By teaching your daughter about makeup and how to apply it, she will appreciate it more not feel like she has to compete with the girls who pile it on. Allow her to grown and express herself with makeup and she’ll be teaching you new tricks in a few years.

Advantages Of Purchasing Drugstore Makeup Vs. Department Store Makeup.

We all go to drugstores at some point as part of our routine whether it be for toothpaste, shampoo or medicine.But what about all the other possible purchases that can be made at drugstores that we tend to overlook. As consumers we tend to purchase what is the most advertised in magazines or television and forget that some of those items can be purchased at your local drugstore for a quarter of the price. Below we break down many of the benefits of shopping for your beauty needs at your local drugstore as opposed to big name department stores.

  1. Cost, cost, cost! Did I mention cost?! Sure you can buy a moisturizing lip balm at your local Nordstrom for $50 (yes, I said $50 for a LIP BALM!) or you can head to your nearest drugstore and save yourself the $46.01 and buy a drugstore lip balm for only $3.99! Chances are both purchases will hydrate your lips, smell and taste good and eventually get lost in your purse. I don’t know about you but I would much rather lose a $4 lip balm in the deep abyss of my purse than a $50 lip balm.
  2. Coupons. Very similar to number one but even better. Remember that $4 lip balm we talked about? Well guess what, you can get it for even cheaper! Most drugstores allow you to use manufacture coupons, in store coupons or even offer some sort of loyalty program. I am sure you have noticed that beauty products never go on sale at department stores. Sure, you get your gift with purchase every so often but again that is every so often.
  3. Freedom. No, not freedom of speech but freedom to shop! How many times have you walked around your local department store and thought you were at the hyena pit at the zoo? That is because most department store employees work off commission which means 9 out of 10 times they will try to sell you something for their own good instead of yours. At the drugstore, you can peacefully browse the aisles without feeling pressured to buy something you don’t need. While shopping at the drugstore you have the ability to use your smartphone and look at beauty product reviews and make your decision on your beauty purchase as opposed to feeling pressured by the sales person at the department store to make your purchase so they can help another customer.
  4. Dupes. What is a dupe you might ask? A dupe is a drugstore item (specifically a beauty item) that is identical to an expensive, big brand item for less than half the cost. For example, you can purchase a highlight pen for your face for either $41 (YSL Touche Eclat) or you can buy a dupe at the drugstore that gives you the same effect for only $12.99 (L’Oreal Magic Lumi)

Let’s face it, looking good is never going to go out of style. In this economy, most people are pinching their pennies. Why not still keep the luxury of looking good while still being financially savvy and save money when and where you can?